The Prince Who Fell from the Sky - John Claude Bemis This being the first work I have read from John Claude Bemis I was wholly unaware when I opened the book and turned to the first page that I would lose the ability to put it down until I read the conclusion. The Prince Who Fell From the Sky is a post apocalyptic novel for eight and up told through the eyes of the animals that survived whatever world shattering event happened when humans didn’t.

Casseomae is an old bear living in a meadow alone away from the rest of her brethren. She was considered to be a curse because every cub she birthed had been born breathless. In Cass’ world the wolves ruled and no one had seen a skinless one (human) for many lifetimes.

There are three groups of animals in this story. The predator, the prey, and the animals like dogs and cats that had served the humans when they were still around.

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