A Touch Morbid (A Touch Trilogy, #2) - Leah Clifford LOVE!The great thing about A Touch Morbid is it actually does what a sequel should. It continues the story line while developing the characters and giving the reader new insight into the MC’s mind and the mind of the other characters that you have loved in the first book. An added PoV for one of Eden’s gang was added and learning more about that boy and his own internal struggles made me love the book even more.

Same bat problems, same bat channel but with twisty bits. Everything we thought we knew about Eden, Gabe, Az and Luke is torn to shreds and dare I say that Morbid was even more, well… morbid and dark that A Touch Mortal? My heart ached for everyone, I wanted them all to succeed. New information leads to new betrayals and Eden has way too much on her plate with keeping Az from falling sans Gabe to link everything together.

What I really loved the best about this book was the new information on Luke and on Kristen. Clifford found a way to make you feel sympathy for even the most vile evil badasses in her cannon. We also learn a lot about the third gang of Siders and who they work for, also what their motivations are.

A Touch Morbid is a fantastic sequel and I can’t wait to read the continuation of Eden and her ragtag group of miscreants.