Die for Me - Amy Plum I went into Die for Me not knowing what to expect. I hadn’t seen any of the buzz online about the book but was told by a friend I absolutely must read it. So I opened it on Saturday morning and was completely enraptured by Plum’s romantic writing for the rest of the weekend.

Kate is easily likable and incredibly smart. Vincent is the TDF kind of guy you expect to see haunting the streets of Paris. He isn’t looking for attention but Kate gives it to him anyway.

It is easy to begin this book thinking “oh another YA Paranormal” not even in a bad way. A lot of use love every paranormal thrown at us, but almost immediately you realize that Die for Me is something more. It is a romance a true romance. There is conflict and there is love but it’s not the insta-love we have all come to know. Kate is too smart to lay all her cards on one guy who has a triggering effect on her most depressing of thoughts.

As you get to know Vincent and Kate more (and you do get to know them, the character building in this book is second to none) you see their inner struggle to allow themselves to love each other. Each has inherited a strong loss and neither want to relive those bad memories.

The setting could not have been better for the story, while seedy and old world scary at night, Paris is the epitome of love during the daylight hours. I loved Plum’s use of the city, it becomes almost a character unto itself and you fall in love with Vincent, Kate and Paris all at the same time.

I strongly believe that even paranormal naysayers should have a go at reading this book. While the supernatural aspect is there and prominent in the story line it is not once in your face demanding you care deeply about the paranormal elements.

The lore is tight and there is so much more to say and discover about this world. I am dying to read book two.