Cryer's Cross - Lisa McMann “Haunting, and just plain scary, McMann gives you chills as her story unfolds.”

I am a fan of Lisa McMann’s previous series and I was wondering how Cryer’s Cross would compare. Holy Ass-kicking Batman! Lisa’s story of Cryer’s Cross is creepy, it’s haunting, and most of all it is superbly addicting. The tension builds with every page and only in the last quarter of the book does McMann begin to even give you a hint of what is going down in this sleepy little town. It’s a race to the finish, a disturbing race haunting you to continue, to find out what is going on, what is going to happen next. The book haunts you to be read the way the desk haunts Kendell to do unthinkable, and unspeakable things.

Kendall has OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). She counts, she checks things six times, she makes deals with herself, I will count to 100 and then I will stop if I see a red bird kind of deals, she gets to school early every morning to make sure the curtains are right, the desks are arranged and the dent in the trashcan is just so. I could relate to Kendall so much, having to hide her OCD from the others in the small town because I had to go through the same thing growing up. No one could ever know I touched my pencil to the page four times before I could begin to write, or I unfolded and then refolded my lunch bag six times before I could eat. If I started a book I had to finish it even if I disliked it. Kendall hides these same compulsions and it is these compulsions that makes her the one to see that the grafitti on the desk is changing. That something sinister is going on, that Nico and Tiffany are missing and she can only hear numbers in her heard. 35, 100, 35, 100…

I had Lisa sign an ARC for me at ALA and now I understand the “Help Me” she wrote inside. Another cool thing is :drumroll: cue Angelic voices singing Hallelujah: this book is a stand alone!
Why Teens Will Love It:

A different kind of hero. It was so super refreshing to see a girl who wasn’t accomplished in everything, who didn’t care about Prada or play the Violin at competition level. Someone with real life problems and disorders and it is those flaws guiding her through the novel. Plus it is down right creepy!
Why Adults Will Love It:

This is a mystery for any age. Small clues are dropped through-out the novel and adults will love the subtlety that McMann uses to weave her story web. The plot is tight, the social issues are relate-able and this is one you will enjoy talking with others about.