Haven - Kristi Cook I read the first half of Haven and admittedly thought the book was going nowhere. I disliked the main character and her decisions and her needy behavior. Then I had an epiphany. Pam you are thirty-one years old. How did you act around boys when you were sixteen? Immediately my outlook on this book changed.

I still am not enamored by the first half of the book, the school at Winterhaven is interesting enough but I wanted to hear more about Violet’s friends and her life at Winterhaven. I felt that important events in the book were glossed over. Why make a big deal about Violet going to Atlanta to never have one scene with her in Atlanta, or talk more than once about her old BFF who is in Atlanta but coming to NY and never have the two meet?

That being said the second half of the book picks up shedding some of my original trepidation’s about Haven. The lore was tight and I appreciated getting a better view of what Violet’s purpose was and why she and Aiden were able to communicate telepathically. The danger element was fun too and the character that double-crossed the pair was one I wouldn’t have expected. I will be reading book two to see how the story progresses now that the new lore has been introduced.

I think teenagers will love this novel, my book club teens have. Sure you can say it is cliche, cliche, cliche but let’s be honest here, it’s full of all my favorites. I recommend this book to fans of Wings, Twilight, and House of Night.