Hemlock - Kathleen Peacock I read all 400 pages in 24 hours. I can't give you a full review but I can say this. Its one of the best mysteries I have ever read. I had tons of theories going through my head and yeah, they were all wrong but let's not dwell on my uber power to not take a hint. The werewolf lore was interesting and there was a small dystopic vibe for their plight. The bad guy was supremely bad and I wanted him to meet the long end of a pitchfork all through the novel. The protagonist was smart and unobservant at the same time and incredibly likable. The boys were swoon-worthy and annoying as boys are and every character felt so very real. The book is peppered with tiny bits of intellectual humor. I don't think there is anything the author could have changed to make me love this book more than I do. I really can't believe this is a debut! Mark it to read folks, you can thank me next year. I take gifts. Like chocolate and cold hard cash.