But I Love Him - Amanda Grace //But I Love Him// by Amanda Grace is one of the best pieces of contemporary teen writing I have read this year. Amanda Grace is a pseudonym for the powerhouse YA author Mandy Hubbard whose works include the popular //Prada and Prejudice//.
//But I Love Him// focuses on Ann who is extremely confident, gets amazing grades and has her life all planned out; until she meets Connor and her dreams go down the drain. The story is told in reverse, starting with Ann listless on the floor after being beaten by Connor. The story plays in flashbacks, their first meeting, when he started using words to abuse her, and then the hitting.

We learn how Ann lost her friends, and why she made the decision to stay with Connor even when he begins to hit her. To Ann she is the only one who can heal Connor and she is the only one who loves him completely, unconditional love like hers requires some sacrifice for the final payoff, and Ann dreams her payoff will be Connor completely healed of his emotional scars and then finally beginning life together.

//But I Love Him// is haunting, heartbreaking, and full of wondrous hope.