Dreamland Social Club - Tara Altebrando I adored the setting in //Dreamland Social Club//. I have never been to Coney Island but I always imagined it to be magical and this book shows us that it is in fact very magical. Aside from the setting the family dynamics in the novel were quite interesting. They are a family on the brink of disaster, the mother has passed away and since that time it has been hard for the father to hold on to employment. He and the children have moved all around the world looking for work and a safe place when finally the only option left to them is to move to the mother's family home in Coney Island. The father promises they will only stay in the crappy house in this strange town for a year, but Coney Island may just be what this family needs to heal and make a new start at life.

Jane is immediately enamored by her new home. She thinks that possibly she will get to know a mother who was never very forthcoming by living in her room and living her young life. As soon as Jane steps foot on the island things heat up and Jane learns more than she ever imagined.

//Dreamland Social Club// is a fantastical book full of new beginnings, love and hope.