Wildefire - Karsten Knight First I would like to start with a few nonsensical words: zOMG, bang, pow, woohoo, and finally yay.

Wildefire is gripping, action filled and a great book for girls and boys alike. While the boys will cling to the action bits that keep you on-the-edge-of-your-seat, the girls will love the inner struggle that Ash is dealing with and all of the drama.

The book has all of my favorite things, boarding schools, gods, and smores. The writing is on the whole great and the plot unfolds at a fantastic pace. While the setting is fantastical the book has a contemporary feel that I completely adored.

Ash and Eve’s story is tragic at best, of course all of the godlings had their share of bad luck before they were brought together. In this novel there is depth, death, and mayhem. Honestly it’s the perfect beach read for those who are adventurous enough to dive into the ocean where there are living things ready to bite/eat/claw/attach to you.

The release date is July 26th so mark it on your calendars adventure seekers and get ready for a wild fiery ride.