13 Little Blue Envelopes - Maureen Johnson 13 Little Blue Envelopes is full of a wide range of emotion. I went through intense bipolar episodes while reading through Ginny’s adventures. I felt Ginny’s love for her Aunt Peg, her fear of following the instructions in the envelopes, her wonder of Western Europe as she travelled through it, and her loss along the way.

While I think it would be easy for the reader to blame the runaway auntie Ginny doesn’t and that is what matters. Peg was flighty, Peg did things no one else did, Peg has the confidence Ginny doesn’t yet have and Ginny understands her aunt and her mentality. Sure, she wishes she had more time with Peg, and that Peg was there to do many more bohemian things with her but she ‘gets’ her aunt and doesn’t blame her for her faults.

Johnson paints such a rich portrait of Western Europe and as I have been to most of the places Ginny traveled multiple times I was able to have such a lush picturesque vision of Ginny on those same streets completing the tasks in each blue envelope.

The details are many in this book, from what illustration is on the envelopes to the way the canals in the Netherlands smell in summer. Even with the stunning details, the book travels at a fantastic speed allowing for the reader to reach the conclusion in mere hours.

The ending is sad-making but I was lucky enough to have read the book when book two The Last Little Blue Envelope launched. I sped drove carefully to my local indie to obtain book two and spent another lovely day with Ginny and friends.

If you haven’t read the series please do. I cannot put into words how amazing/fun/sad/hopeful it makes you feel as you are reading, and isn’t that what we read for people? To feel.