The Vampire Stalker - Allison van Diepen The Vampire Stalker is for every person who has ever wanted a character to come off the page into their world. And snog them. Edward Cullen? Mr. Darcy anyone?

We begin with Amy and her friends waiting in line at the bookstore to pick up their preordered copy of book two in the Otherworld series, The Mists of the Otherworld. These books are as big as Twilight and I do believe the author is being very tongue-in-cheek throughout the novel. You have a girl obsessed with the “Vampire Stalker” Alexander Banks who spends his life in this quasi Victorian world hunting the vamp who murdered his whole family. Amy is entranced.

Amy hasn’t seen any IRL guys around that tickle her fancy. She tells us she is mousy and not very pretty but several characters in the book seem to think she is more than average. She doesn’t seem to be one of those knock-down-drag-out gorgeous girls so her thinking herself mousy is not exactly self depreciating.

After spending the weekend locked in her room reading about Alexander in Mists she reaches the end of the book. And what she sees freaks her out. The author has left Alexander in a very bad place. Possibly about to be killed by the big bad himself.

Amy is a very big fan. She is a member of the fan club (Mrs.AlexanderBanks8021) and explains the publishing industry to the reader several times during the novel. She is BFF with the school librarian who is strange and awesome at the same time. She even reads the Otherworld books and can talk to Amy about them and saves her ARCs.

Things come to a head when Amy is walking home from the school dance a week later and is attacked in the park. She sees a flash of silvery hair and then she is saved by the strangest boy. He is wearing a suit and old looking boots. He talks funny, in fact he is kind of exactly like Alexander Banks.

When he introduces himself as such she freaks out thinking he is some kind of obsessed fan, more obsessed than her. She begins to believe him and that sends her on a journey with the real Alexander Banks, the only boy she truly loves, to hunt down and kill Viggo in her world.

The Vampire Stalker is a very engaging, fun read.