How I Stole Johnny Depp's Alien Girlfriend - Gary Ghislain I was given this book on a tour of Chronicle Books in San Francisco that I took with Lenore and several other bloggers. I was immediately drawn to the book because of it’s great hitchhiker-esque cover and fabulous title.

I began reading How I Stole Johnny Depp’s Alien Girlfriend at a theme park. I finished half of the book in the few hours at the park taking in the looks of disbelief that someone could have fun reading in a place with so much to do. I don’t do coasters people. However I think the carnival music and massive amounts of people floating around me on the super warm spring day added to the ambiance of reading this book.

How I Stole Johnny Depp’s Alien Girlfriend is everything you think it will be from the title. We have fourteen year old French David who is schooled in the ways of love and mental illness staying with his dad at his house in the countryside when Zelda shows up. Zelda is very violent and believes she is from another planet and needs to find her mate (who turns out to be Johnny Depp of course) before time runs out and her key to her home planet is lost forever.

At first David thinks she is interesting although crazy and he spends his time trying to get her to admit she is just another chick in love with Johnny Depp. As time goes on however David begins to believe Zelda’s claims and becomes her Pudin (helper sounds like Pudding) and the book takes off at a break-neck pace to the conclusion.

We meet some incredibly interesting characters along the way. David’s Mom who is the atypical French Dragon Woman stereotype who is incredibly violent to her boyfriend and David himself. David’s step sister who was thrown out of the house at sixteen by Dragon Mother. Aliens from Zelda’s planet who failed and lost their key home.

This book is fast paced, fun and a great comedic sci fi for younger readers. I can’t wait to buy a finished copy and read it all over again.