The Piper's Son - Melina Marchetta Everyone had been going on about what a fabulous book this was and although I am new to reading Marchetta I know that I am a huge fan. The Piper’s Son was an amazing book to start listening to audio with.

Marchetta paints a family that has been devastated by several catastrophes. First Tom Mackee (the older one that our protagonist is named after) is lost at war and leaves behind a wife and two children who are awaiting the news for their whole lives that he was coming home so they can bury him. Secondly the third child born to Mackee’s wife and his best friend dies in the London Tube bombings. There was no body to collect and this is the pivotal point when the Mackee/Finch clan truly breaks apart.

Young Tom begins living in a shared apartment, he breaks up with his girlfriend, quits school and starts doing drugs. Uncle Joe was the glue that held the family together.

I have a friend who lives in London a very close friend. He was in the tube that morning, and it was super crowded. His life was saved when he decided to take the next train so that he wouldn’t be squashed and standing all the way to Charing Cross.

The story is performed by Michael Finney who I think gave the heart wrenching words of this story their true soul. I was enraptured and entranced by his reading and I cried and laughed and the Mackee family became so real to me in these hours listening to The Piper’s Son.

You do not have to read Saving Francesca to read The Piper’s Son. It is more of a companion really a completely new story focusing on Tom. I will however go back and read it, it holds some clues to Tom that I may have missed and I am wholly interested in this tiny soapish drama that Marchetta has created.