Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini If you have never read The Iliad you should. It is an epic tale of love, loss, and scary demi gods on the rise to power. I love that Josephine Angelini used this as the inspiration for Starcrossed. As I have said in previous reviews, I adore anything that has to do with mythology, of course it has to be done right and Starcrossed is Mythology done right.

Helen and Lucas are starcrossed lovers. Their love is the one thing that can tear down what Lucas' family has been trying to protect for a long time.

We begin with Helen, we find out she gets these severe cramps whenever she is the least bit in the limelight. Instead of wanting to be or trying to be the center of attention Helen does everything she can to stay out of everyone's way. That is until Lucas shows up at school, and Helen starts seeing a gruesome threesome of sisters who begin by haunting her dreams but begin to bleed over into her reality as well.

When Helen lays eyes on Lucas she goes to the throat, seriously in front of the whole school. With the three sisters pushing her to kill, kill, kill him. Helen loses herself momentarily and Lucas is able to diffuse the situation. Helen however is even more of a freak at school.

Starcrossed is full of lore, of forbidden love, mystery and danger. Angelini's debut puts this author at the top of my to watch list and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with in the future. I am feverishly awaiting the sequel to Starcrossed, I absolutely must see what happens next with Lucas and Helen.