Bumped - Megan McCafferty I loved the first 2/3 of Bumped so much. I loved the language and the subtlety behind the world McCafferty was building. The language used in this book was perhaps the most fun use of society wide terms I have ever read. I loved reading about Harmony and Melody and while neither of them were extremely likable they felt real, their thought patterns and actions seemed very age appropriate.

Girls have to get pregnant and give away their baby before reaching 18, when they are older they expect to have their baby via surrogate as well. There are several ways to get ‘bumped’. If you have great DNA you can go pro and get a contract and get matched with the hottest rePRO guy on the market and bump for a perfect baby. You get paid well for this. You can bump with your boyfriend if you love him and still get a pretty decent amount of coin. However if there is nothing unique about your DNA you go to masSEX parties and just bump until you become pregnant.

I loved all of this imagery of a dystopian that instead of forcing the girls into sex slavery they redesigned society to make it cool to have premarital sex. Instead of using a heavy hand they just used product placement to get girls to bump for their country.


However the last third of the book disappointed me. McCafferty became preachy on what is right and what is wrong and the sister who did bump had to feel bad about her decision to do so. The other sister decided not to bump at all and then the fun environment that made Bumped great is nonexistent and the end of the book left you feeling like most dystopia; worn out and emotionally spent. I don’t think I will move on to the second book, I don’t think I as a reader can recapture the early parts of the book I loved so much.

However I think whether you are a fan of dystopian novels or not, Bumped is a book that many will love. I say give it a go!