The Emerald Atlas - John  Stephens I wasn’t sure what to expect going into The Emerald Atlas. I know I want to read more MG fiction because I generally enjoy it, but one thing I do not enjoy at all is time travel. I know enough about quantum physics (yeah nerd I know) to be annoyed with all of the mistakes that authors normal make when they base their time travel on a theory that we already are researching. The magical aspect that The Emerald Atlas uses is a fantastic way to utilize time travel. I truly enjoyed the idea of putting a photograph in a book and then traveling back to that exact moment.

The three children in the book, Kate, Michael and Emma each have a strong and different personality. It’s hard to have a clear favorite but I think I enjoyed Emma’s spunk the most. For three children who know they have parents alive and are moved from orphanage to orphanage because their parents gave them up, the kids are fantastically not whiny and very self assured. They believe in the love their parents have for them.

John Stevens writing is amazing. I loved all of the little quirks of the novel and his use of language. It made the book all the more fantastical. Stevens has all of the right stuff to be the Rowling or Pullman of this new generation.

The side characters you meet along the way really make this novel even more grand. Gabriel the ruffian, and many more mythical creatures that I don’t wish to name for fear of spoiling the book for you. All in all I think this is an amazing new book and I am anticipating the second one as if I were a child!

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