Bloody Valentine - Melissa  de la Cruz Holy novella Batman! Bloody Valentine is a fantastic tie in novella to the already much loved by me Blue Bloods Series. This is one of the few series I have been reading even before I became a book blogger and my love for all things Van Alen has yet to diminish one bit.

What I freaking love about this book is the fact that we get to see so much about Allegra, so many mysteries are laid to rest as we learn more about the early life of Charles and Allegra van Alen. We even find out who Schuyler’s human dad is!

We also see Oliver make some bad decisions while trying to overcome his addiction to being bitten, and his love for Schuyler. During this time we are introduced to one of the Witches of de la Cruz’s new adult title coming soon The Witches of East End.

The bonding, oh my the bonding. Of course with Jack and Schuyler it couldn’t come off without some hitches but it was beautiful. I feel like a mother who’s baby is all grown up and is getting married as I read these two lovers exchange important life long vows.

I seriously cannot wait for the next book Lost in Time slated to come out in October of this year!

FTC Disclosure: I bought this book on my Nook.