Personal Demons - Lisa Desrochers Let me start by just saying I am firmly in Team Hell. Yes you heard me right I am pulling for Team Hell. What is Team Hell you ask? Well Lisa Desrochers has created an epic battle for the love of one amazing young girl and the boys are one hot delicious demon named Luc, and one wildly gorgeous angel that you may have heard of, Gabriel.

Frannie is your average apple pie, catholic school girl until a new boy strolls into class knowing all the answers and sitting beside her smoldering in his sexiness. Frannie cannot take her eyes off of Luc and when Gabriel blows into town she has double the hotness trouble.

Derochers paints a battle for the girls soul, Luc however is a bit concerned he won’t be able to tag her soul for hell because he starts getting feelings for Frannie, feelings a demon should never feel. He has to decide to either ignore these feelings and get on with his job so that he doesn’t end up suffering in the fiery pit, or take an eternity of sulfur and brimstone to save Frannie from Lucifer himself. For Luc being a Pride Demon that is a hard decision to make.

The story is told in alternating PoV between Frannie and Luc. I was a bit concerned not having Gabe’s voice available to me as well as falling from heaven and loving a mortal are kind of a big deal and I am sure Gabe was suffering, however I got the chance to talk to Lisa about that decision at the NCIBA Author Reception.

Now I get it! Gabe will have a voice but it will be much later in the series. This is one steamy book to get you through those long cold winter nights. Pick it up now and lust along with those who have chosen whether they are Team Heaven or Team Hell while we wait on the sophomore book from Desrochers entitled Original Sin.