Room - Emma Donoghue Emma Donoghue has created such a fascinating and provocative story inside the pages of her latest book Room that I am loathe to try to review it. Seeing everything from Jack’s eyes, I am almost certain I have never truly fallen in love with character until now. Jack is brave and strong and he is scared and this is the most amazing chance for any reader to get lost in rediscovering the world from the eyes of a child.

I found myself angry with Jack’s Ma in the last third of the book. All he has ever known is her and Room and she becomes increasingly selfish through-out the novel. However I can’t say that I would do anything differently if I was in her shoes. So the fact that I was angry with her made me angry at myself and I began to think about the ways I interact with my own children. Am I setting them up for some kind of mental fall out later in life? Those impossible questions that can’t be answered until you are slapped with the therapy bills I suppose.

Jack is a fantastic narrator, growing up in Room with little to do but read and count he is fantastically ahead with his mental capability for learning. I love his voice, and the way he explains everything in his world to his reader. I love that Dora is his friend inside of Room just like she is the friend of so many children outside of Room.

At 8:30 I press the button on TV and try between the three. I find Dora the Explorer, yippee. Ma moves Bunny around and real slow to better the picture with his ears and head. One day when I was four TV died and I cried, but in the night Old Nick brung a magic converter box to make TV back to life. The other channels after the three are totally fuzzy so we don’t watch them because of hurting our eyes, only if there’s music we put Blanket over and just listen through the gray of her and shake our booties.

Today I put my fingers on Dora’s head for a hug and tell her about my superpowers now I’m five, she smiles. She has the most huge hair that’s really like a brown helmet with pointy bits cutted out, it’s as big as the rest of her. I sit back on Bed in Ma’s lap to watch, I wriggle till I’m not on her pointy bones. She doesn’t have many soft bits but they’re super soft.

So there you can get a great sense of Jack and his narration skills from that quote from early on in the book. As the story progresses and we see the ‘games’ that Ma and Jack play are really Ma trying to get the neighbors to notice them and escape the book becomes a bit harder to read. I have shed many a tear during the reading of Room and it is not a book that I am going to forget any time soon.

Thank you Emma Donoghue and Jack for giving me such an amazing gift of a book that will stay with me as time progresses and that made me feel so much.

This story is beautiful and haunting and many other adjectives that I could continue piling onto this sentence. Pick up a copy and read I promise you will not be disappointed.