Stork - Wendy Delsol I got Stork early last year and sat on top of it waiting to read it until closer to the release date. I read it a while back but just never got around to reviewing it. I adored this novel by Wendy Delsol and I think it is the perfect book to pick up and read while we are freezing our tootsie’s off this winter.

Katla is pretty well pissed about having to move to the middle of nowhere. She has fantastical fashion sense and it is wasted in such a small place. Not to mention that everyone in the town has the same Icelandic roots as her, she doesn’t stand out in a town like this.

To top it all off Katla keeps getting this horrible head rash and it itches and burns. She works in her Grandfathers grocery store and eyes the fabric shop across the street that is never open, then one night in the middle of a head rash fiasco she after finding a hat to put on and cover her grossness sees the light come on in the fabric store. She is dying to get her hands on some new fabric to make some clothes and heads over.

Instead of fabric Katla received a legacy. She is an Icelandic Stork and it is her duty to assign little souls to the perfect parent. However the first little soul that seeks her out is causing quite a headache. Katle has three potential mother’s and she isn’t too keen on most of the choices. She could place the baby with her frenemie just to cause trouble, or with Janelle her waitress friend but she isn’t stable, the third choice of parent sends Katla fighting her heritage and wanting nothing more to do with being a Stork.

A little love story, a great protagonist with fantastic snark. Seriously folks, I was laughing out loud at her funny, and Holy Batman Cover Whore, did you see the art!? It is a very striking cover and y’all know how I feel about having people on my cover that takes away from my ability to imagine the characters on my own, but I love this cover.

I cannot wait for a book two in this series and you should seriously go grab a copy now!