Choker - Elizabeth Woods It is not very often that a book from the contemporary genre grabs me. I like the genre but it isn’t my favorite to read. I read Choker in three hours and I was so surprised at the ending that I guffawed so loudly my husband asked me what was wrong with me!

Choker follows Cara who is quiet and shy and not so well liked in school. When she was small she had a best friend Zoe who her parents didn’t really like because she was from a bad home and Cara’s parents were afraid of her playing there. In fifth grade Cara’s parents moved with her to a new city and Cara began to forget about Zoe until one night when Zoe shows up in her room dirty and needing a place to stay. She said her step dad was abusing her and she had to get away.

Cara lets Zoe hang out in her room and keeps her hidden from her parents. Cara continues being made fun of in school and it worsens after she chokes on a carrot. Then everyone starts calling her ‘Choker’ and mimicking her choking on a carrot.

The two worst tormentors wind up dead and Cara has to decide if she can trust Zoe or if Zoe is killing these girls, or it could be Ethan the guy she always wanted and never thought he would give her the time of day.

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